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Café with Grace The Podcast

Mar 23, 2021

Is knitwear part of your wardrobe? Get to know more about knitwear from this expert!

Featured in this episode is the International Award-winning Irish designer and knit master Maggie Jackson.

Through her excellence and winning attitude in her craft, Maggie has brought Northern Ireland to the world stage of fashion. Among other famous and notable clients, she had designed pieces for the Miss World pageant for five years! Maggie Jackson pioneers fashionable knitwear design in her humble hometown and helps rebuild its reputation from being once a war-torn place. In her current business, she is offering handknit design kits which specialize in so many lovely yarns including her unique Irish Tweed, Linen, and British Mohair yarns; just a sample of her eye for detail in the materials she uses. 

This is a two-part interview with Maggie and here in Part 1, she shares with us how she started from being a farmer’s daughter to now an internationally acclaimed fashion designer: 

  • Northern Ireland Trip with Maggie [3:35]
  • The Making of a Designer [3:05]
  • Maggie After College [18:40]
  • Maggie’s Design for Miss World [20:05]
  • Entrepreneur Maggie’s Wisdom [22:36]
  • Neiman Marcus [24:24]

Maggie’s story is inspiring and her dedication to her craft is exemplary, despite having to go through schooling and treading her own path in the midst of the troubles in Northern Ireland.

In the second part of this interview, Maggie talks more about her business and the art of knitting. Stay tuned!

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