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Café with Grace The Podcast

Feb 2, 2021

Your choice of lingerie is truly an expression of self-care.

While lingerie and undergarments are generally not flaunted in our day-to-day life, there is a hidden gem in wearing something you know will make you feel special.

Parisian lingerie shops know how to empower women by dressing them with elegance and uniqueness. In this episode of Café with Grace, grab your cup of coffee (or champagne!) as we take you through a brief history of lingerie and the styles and fashions that make up the lingerie we now get to enjoy as women:

❖ 1850’s Corsets Era [2:49]

❖ 1880’s Decolletage [3:53]

❖ 1900’s S-Curve [4:46]

❖ 1910’s Loose Dresses [6:08]

❖ 1913’s Bra Evolution [6:58]

❖ 1920’s Flats [7:08]

❖ 1930’s Loose and Comfort [7:58]

❖ 1945’s Back to Shapes [9:16]

❖ 1950’s Bombshells [11:23]

❖ 1960’s Ultra femininity [12:37]

❖ 1970’s Braless Fashion [15:11]

❖ 1980’s Madonna Era [16:34]

❖ 1990’s Free flowing style [18:36]

❖ 2000’s Flexible Fashion [20:15]

❖ 2010 to present day’s lingerie styles [21:24]

In whatever fashion or style may dictate on how lingerie is worn, either tightly or loosely, with straight lines or flowing ruffles, always find comfort and identity in the lingerie of your own choice. By the end of this podcast, I hope you find more confidence in choosing and wearing that piece of lingerie that will ignite a spark of joy, promote passion and provide a purpose with your own style clearly in frame. Choose to be radiant today and together let’s visit and shop in Paris. I can’t wait to share all of its hidden gems with you. Let’s connect!


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