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Café with Grace The Podcast

Feb 9, 2021

Simplicity is beauty, and in fashion nothing exemplifies simplicity more on women than wearing a white shirt.

A white shirt can portray elegance, sophistication, and authority on the wearer. This is an essential piece to every boss lady’s wardrobe. How many do you have in your closet?

A white shirt is also a blank canvas – any way that you accessorize it will always be perfect – a true representation of your personal style! One can question, isn’t wearing a white shirt by itself already enough? It may be, but the blank canvas of a crisp white button up is a tempting challenge for anyone who wishes to show off their own sense of fashion. How would you style a white shirt?

This episode features my very good friend and the woman behind Campbell and Kate, Darlene Campbell. Campbell and Kate is an online boutique out of New York City which specializes in making busty women feel more confident in wearing a classic white shirt. 

Darlene shares with us helpful tips on slaying wearing those white shirts across ages and sizes:

  • The Power of the White Shirt [3:16]
  • The Variations on a White Shirt [5:00]
  • White Shirts and Body Proportions [9:56]
  • Campbell and Kate’s Specialization on White Shirts [12:52]
  • Different Ways to Style and Take Care a White Shirt [21:48]

The level of care they do with their white shirts at Campbell and Kate is indeed a hidden gem for me that is worth sharing with you, my stylish listeners. I hope that this episode would open new doors for you as you take sophistication to the next level by wearing that white shirt the right way, making you look like the stylish Parisian chic! 

I would love to know more about your styles and stories, connect with me!


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