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Café with Grace The Podcast

Feb 16, 2021

How much of a #coffeehooker are you?

Drinking coffee in a café on the streets of Paris while watching the world go by is such a luxurious moment to be in.

Parisians take the time to enjoy the pleasure of coffee breaks.
To anyone who wakes to an alarm in the morning, coffee is a must-have but for my guest on this episode, coffee is her blood type. For the Illustrating Diva, coffee can be described as her greatest fashion accessory.

Meet Chelsey Hill, a NYC-based illustrator, artist, actress, and most importantly, a coffee lover. Recording this episode for you our listener, was so much fun as we both share our common interests:

  • Chelsey’s First Taste of Coffee [3:13]
  • The Artist’s Fashion Style [10:58]
  • Baba Bougie [14:29]
  • Chelsey’s Projects [17:20]

Learn how an artist like Chelsey expresses so much love in all the things she does with a cup of coffee by her side. Follow her and all her projects that are meant to ignite your souls. 

We are all artists on our own ways. How about you, what’s your style? Share with us!


Connect with Chelsey Hill:

IG @illustratingdiva