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Café with Grace The Podcast

Mar 2, 2021

Couture refers to the creation and design of customized clothing. A piece is made specifically for you.

People dream of visiting French fashion houses for their couture. Wearing a couture piece from a great design house gives you a different kind of luxury and confidence in any social gathering, knowing that you are wearing a piece of history.

This episode features Marie de George, an esteemed couturier in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She specializes in creating pieces for her clients with care and attention to detail.  Her embellishments and embroideries on all her pieces are exquisite, while staying globally and environmentally conscious in the materials that she is using. Her ethical business promotes collaboration with her client, sustainability in her choice of materials, and a passion about taking care of people – her clients and the people who support her.

Get to know Marie as she shares with us the things that spark her joy:

  • The artist named Marie de George [1:00]
  • Marie’s Art [1:54]
  • Marie attention to her Clients [6:28]
  • The Designers that Inspire Her [10:44]
  • Frappe Oat Milk for Coffee [21:48]
  • What’s Next for Marie de George in 2021? [17:23]
  • The White Coat by MDG [21:25]
  • The French Style [25:50]

In fashion, as in anything that we choose, the ultimate goal is happiness. From this conversation with Marie, a great takeaway would be: as long as you put your heart in the work that you do, you will never go wrong in making people happy and being satisfied with your creations. 

Now, are you ready to discover your couture piece?

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Follow Marie De George:
Instagram: @mariedegeorge