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Café with Grace The Podcast

Mar 30, 2021

In this second part of Coffee Talk with Maggie Jackson, the renowned international awardee Irish fashion designer shares with us her passion in mastering her craft and building her business.

Undeniably, Maggie has made a name for herself not only in Northern Ireland but in the world. What’s her secret? Let us together discover:

  • The Shift to MaggiKnits, Inc. [1:29]
  • Maggie’s Booth: The Secret in Selling [14:30]
  • Fashion and Knitting [18:30]
  • The Art of Knitting [24:00]

What we can learn from Maggie’s story is that as long as you put your heart in your work, people will always come back to you bringing more people because they will remember how you made them feel fabulous and beautiful with how you take care of them– and such is best marketing strategy of all time! This is not only applicable in fashion but in all areas of your life, as well.

What’s your greatest takeaway from this episode? I am excited to hearing from you!

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