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Café with Grace The Podcast

Mar 30, 2021

In this second part of Coffee Talk with Maggie Jackson, the renowned international awardee Irish fashion designer shares with us her passion in mastering her craft and building her business.

Undeniably, Maggie has made a name for herself not only in Northern Ireland but in the world. What’s her secret? Let us together...

Mar 23, 2021

Is knitwear part of your wardrobe? Get to know more about knitwear from this expert!

Featured in this episode is the International Award-winning Irish designer and knit master Maggie Jackson.

Through her excellence and winning attitude in her craft, Maggie has brought Northern Ireland to the world stage of fashion....

Mar 16, 2021

What is a fashionable dress without a pair of great shoes?

Wearing beautiful shoes is non-negotiable to a Parisian chic. There is a different power your shoes can give you as a woman! They make you look fabulous and sexy while you do your hustle. But more than the great looks they give, the comfort of wearing a pair of...

Mar 9, 2021


Merriam-Webster defines flair as a uniquely attractive quality or style. My book entitled “French Flair” refers to the French style. It is about the stories behind my most important style essentials I’ve counted on for my go to pieces over the years. I have share with you my love for fashion and I combine...

Mar 2, 2021

Couture refers to the creation and design of customized clothing. A piece is made specifically for you.

People dream of visiting French fashion houses for their couture. Wearing a couture piece from a great design house gives you a different kind of luxury and confidence in any social gathering, knowing that you are...